Book v6 – Final

I’ve got it to a point that I am happy with. Finally, after annoying all of my classmates for feedback and comments, I feel happy with it.

What’s changed from v5 then? I’ve overall made the text a smaller size, the book is a 8×10 portrait book, I don’t want the text to be absolutely massive, so i’ve reduced the size slightly from 17 to 14. I Think this is a good choice as I think 17 would be way too big in actual print of the book. I don’t want it to be too in your face, so i’ve made the font smaller.

I’ve also re arranged the image of Inans beard close up, previously it was pared with the discussion of corruption within Turkish government, but I have decided to re arrange it to be paired up to the topic of identity. Why? because in the discussion he talks about feeling like an outsider when he visits Kayseri. I felt like this faceless photograph would match up perfectly with the topic of corruption and illegal activities as its a dark, underground topic which nobody wants to own up to/take responsibility. The relationship between the faceless photograph and the text about corruption are very complimenting of each other and I feel that they re-enforce their topic of illegal activities and corruption. I’ve specifically tried to design the book in a way that each text has an image to support it. The images and text are designed to work together to enforce the story. At least thats the idea.

Am I happy with it? Absolutely, I’ve finally got it to a way which I’m happy with. Im exited to see how it turns out in print.

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