Book v5

Following Lily and Liams advice, I decided to try and put the images on the same page as the text. I was a bit hesitant to do this at first as I wanted the book to be read slowly and cautiously, with the ability to take the time to read the text before turning the page. But after speaking to them, they both said they would rather have the image of Inan so they could put a face to the text, make the text more personal and live for example. It also means that they can read the text, look over at Inan if needs be then continue reading from where they left off. I had a little play and did actually like it. It also fixes the problem of it feeling too padded out as the book has now halved in size. I was worried this would make it look a little empty and would diminish the quality of the photobook, but I would rather a smaller, concise book which is stronger, than a hard to read padded out book which is just wasting space. Here it is anyway.

Overall I do l think it has improved. It feels more solid, less padded out and all round a bit more finished. I’m not too worried about it being only 30 pages long as I feel the book is now a lot easier to read.

I also decided to add two more images, to help the story a little more and also to help the narrative. For example, I put the image of Inan with the sharpening knives crossed together next to the question about the solution to the fighting and if he things its best to continue with war or try to resolve it through politics. I feel this adds a sense of hostility and makes the viewer think about violence as a result of the correlation of knives on screen. This is the aim of the combination of text and images anyway. It is the readers own interpretation which will come up with the context, but this is my goal.


Getting there, a few more things to adjust and it may be finished soon.

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