Inan Interview v2

The audio interview didn’t go as planned, so I asked him to do it again. This also shows the questions that I asked.


“Where is it you are from? I am inan kurt and Im from a village in kayseri/eskiyassipinar


What do you identify yourself as, Kurdish? I am kurdish


Can you briefly explain the history of Kurdistan/Kurdish life? History of Kurdistan is around 5000 years, but the Kurdish problem really began in 1923 which they were divided in to 4 regions, today Kurdish population is over 15+ million in Turkey only , and there are Iran, Syria and Iraq. Kurds started immigration in the mid 20th century to Western Europe, settled in different countries such as North America because of political chaos in the region , social problems, such as not able to present them self as a kurd it didn’t really matter which country they were in all 4 of the countries had the same point of view agains kurds


What are goals for Kurdish people. The goals for Kurdish people is to be independent which in my point of view is taking place slowly, in Iraq since saddam regime has put to an end the north of Iraq is now Kurdistan and west of Syria is now Kurdistan iswell because of independence of kurds in two countries put turkey to a worry.


What do you think is the future of Kurdish communities? Well the Kurdish future is very hard to estimate because of the problems around them but what I believe that a population over 40 million should have their own identity and not hide from being Kurdish or forced live under other identity.


In your opinion, what is the solution to the fighting, politics or war? In my view the war is the worst scenario but what ever they achieved in the past yeas was war, especially in turkey after being killed and tortuned for being a kurd put Kurdish people in fear so in 1974 pkk Kurdistan workers party was created to protect Kurdish people since then there has been a war with Turkish government especially in east of turkey there is civil war which government hides from the world. What is wrong is that in turkey every man is entitled to do military service but iff they can afford to pay about 5 thousand pounds they don’t have to do it Which divides rich and poor so, poor dies


What is wrong with Turkish government? Turkey is not being ruled by democracy 40% or more of the mps is comiting crimes such as money laundering including the president and his family but cause of Parliamentary privilege there cant be arrested There has been voting for it to be removed but 60 percent of the parliament members said no so Turkish government is Not fair on there people.


Can you briefly explain about the greed and corruption in politicians in Turkey? The greed is really noticeable in turkey but the system the government has created hides it under religion, example lots of mosques built in turkey there are more mosque then schools there are well over 80 thousand mosques in turkey which has over 90 thousands religious employee which is coruppeted by the government and brain washing people, there are few Turkish channels that critics Turkish government and they are being forced to closed down,


When do you go to visit Kayseri? Well last time I went kayseri was to see my granddad now that he passed way I am not looking forward to go there.


Where do you feel is home, the UK or Kayseri? When I last visited kayseri it felt as to me that I was a outsider cause I had to hide that I was Kurdish and say I was English or Turkish so in that conclusion uk is my home and this is were I could express my self and feelings either Im Kurdish or Turkish muslim or Christian we are all equal.”

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