Book v4

I’ve gone through a few different book layouts and presentations since last updating the blog, messing around with positioning, font, size and layout. Things which I dont necessarily think are needed to be shown on the blog, I feel this one should be shown however as I have changed the text out from the previous video interview to the new written interview by Inan.


I’ve decided to keep it the same style of text, turn over page, image, turn over page.. so that the reader has time to concentrate on both the text and images.


Things I like about the book:

  • Page size
  • Image placement on screen
  • Bold question title – makes it easier to read

Things I don’t like:

  • It feels a bit too padded out – Asked for feedback from Lily and Liam and they both agreed that it did feel a bit too padded out, hiding the work as it were. They would both rather see the images next to the text to help read the page.
  • Text may be too big, will play about with making it smaller.

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