Book v1

So i’ve been toying around with the output of the project for a few days. After talking to Anthony about the shoot, he was more in favour of doing a slideshow with images scrolling across with the audio interview in the background. I’ve created it, but the audio isn’t the strongest. Inan was very nervous of the camera in the first place and felt embarrassed with his work mates watching us, so talking on video was very hard for him. You can sense the nervousness in his voice in the video. Also what he was saying wasn’t very detailed, it sort of just scratched the surface and didn’t really give as much information as I was expecting. So I’ve decided, after trying the slideshow idea to scrap it and create a book. I’m going to use the quotes from the interview to emphasizes the story and bring a narrative to the book. I may ask him to re do the audio though, as I say it’s not the best.

Issuu messed up the pages ordering, the pages are meant to be half the size, but you can see layout and quotes fine…


Im going to ask Inan to re do the interview as he was really nervous during the video interview and didn’t want to re do it. He offered to write down the interview if I sent him the questions I wanted on Facebook. So I’m going get him to do it again I think.


Will get him to do it asap.

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