Jim Mortram

Jim Mortram, one of the UK’s best storytellers and documentary photographers if you ask me. Jim documents peoples lives on a very intimate, personal level with people who he often just passes by on the street. Earning their trust and confidence to confine their problems and sorrows within him and to his camera. Jims work captures the emotions and struggles ordinary people face everyday. What I enjoy about his work, adepuetly named Small Town Inertia is his intimacy and ability to tell stories through the power of photography. I often wonder when seeing Jims work how on earth he got such comfortability with his subjects to allow him to photograph is such a private and personal level.


This particular body of work follows an elderly gentleman David who has lost his sight who unfortunately looses his mother. The body of work is call The Final Goodbye. A heart-warming and extremely moving series of images, accompanied by text of davids life without sight going through the loss of his close mother. Incredibly moving story and fantastic imagery creates an outstanding body of work. I love the way Jim photographs, wide angle, use of natural light, high contrast black and whites. The wideness of the frame gives us much more context within the images to better understand the surroundings of each image. It also makes the viewer slow down and scan the image for more clues/information to support the story such as photographs on the wall, decorations and even the style of wallpaper, all things which we need to use as clues to fully understand and mentally break down in our minds the location and context of the images.


I feel Jims work here is pretty relate able with what I am trying to achieve. A sense of finding one self, an explanation of someone else’s life that isn’t you own. Looking at one persons story and trying to convey that into the world the best you can. That is what Jim has achieved here which is magnificent and is what I am also trying to do with my work.


Market Town : David : The long goodbye


JAM_1494_Web_TEST-1803x1200 JAM_0646jh-1802x1200 JAM_0537_Web-1803x1200 JAM_3372_web-1803x1200

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