Hows it going to work?

How is a portrait project going to work for my Final Major Project? I have been wanted to explore and branch out my knowledge of Kurdistan for a long time. Inan’s farther Haydar used to always be watching civilian point of view mobile phone videos of shootings, bombings and even political arguments on his phone whenever I would see him. He would always see them and tell me what was going on and the back story behind it. Both Inan and Haydar would explain to me how corrupt and unjustified the Turkish Government is. Explaining the greed, corruption and political agendas which are ruining the Turkish government. They would explain to me that the aim of the Turkish government, is focusing more on wiping out the Kurds than fighting ISIS. Turkeys war on the Kurds has been going on since 1984. The Kurds demand independence and separation from Turkey since the beginning of the fued in the mid 80’s. I will go into more detail of Turkey vs Kurdistan in a later post.


For this project I already have a few key images visualised in my head which I would like to create. I have quickly drawn them on paper so I can get my thoughts out and solidified.

Photo 03-05-2016, 4 17 35 pmPhoto 03-05-2016, 4 18 15 pm


What is the outcome? I have been thinking about this porject in terms of the end result – a big print on the wall of out degree show as well a supporting book with a bigger selection of images. I want the book to be an exploration of Inan and his emotions. Covering anger, happiness and good wellbeing. The book is going to be covered with extracts from our conversations about Kurdistan/Turkey. I am going to video record our conversations and pull out and highlight the key sentences I find interesting and sprawl them out in the book. I would like to keep the book layout clean with an image followed by text, but I think the layout will more than likely be covered by supporting text on more pages than images.

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