Month: April 2016

Major Documentary Proposal

Major Documentary Project Proposal

Matt Cross


For this project I plan on making a portrait project on my friend Inan Kurt and his family. Inan Kurt comes from a small town in Turkey called Pinarbasi, Kayseri. The Kurt family are from the Kurdish side of Turkey and keep an eye on Turkish news bulletins and get updates from their relatives still living in Keyseri.


Inan and his father Haydar do everything they can to help with the current political situation happening in Turkey, they vote from the UK, educate themselves correctly and look out for one an other. I want to  do a portrait project on Inan and his father Haydar who currently live and work in London. I want to focus the body of work on how British Kurds stay involved with the troubles going on in their home country and what they do to protect themselves and loved ones. I want to look at the Kurdish community in the UK and explore their emotions towards Turkey and the corruption and borderline war happening in their homeland.


Inan and I was talking about actually flying back to Kayseri to get a feeling for what actually goes on, but Inan is a little scared about the thought of going back there at this time. I have facebook messages of us talking where he explains the consequences of us being caught. I am going to go to his home this weekend to catch up with him and also talk about his feelings on going back home. I may actually record our conversation as I plan on doing a small audio piece of him talking about what really goes on to help give the viewer a much deeper perspective and an insight into Inan’s personality.


In a sentence, this project is a portrait project reflecting on Kurdish communities living in the UK and exploring their thoughts on the Turkish government.