The exhibition went very well! A few manic days getting the print mounted and placed in the gallery, but seeing it on the wall make it all worth while. My prints location was very good in my opinion, wasn’t the first to be seen, but definitely one of the more visible ones, definitely not tucked away, which surprised me. I was situated right next to the door, on the left as you walk in, great location and with a plynth to put my portfolio box on with prints in. Opening night was fantastic, a few days before I was stressing about the money spent, if the image was okay, where it was going to hand etc, but seeing it on the wall hanging in a gallery full off excellent work made me very very happy. I loved the diverse range of photography that was on show my fellow classmates, we all did so well and congratulations to Jake & Lisa for winning best in show. I think that’s what made for such a great gallery, the range of work and our different styles. Some opted to shoot close up, such as Lisa and Aaron whereas others shot wide like Sam and I. Was a great night and luckily our work is going to be transported over to FCH library to be put straight on show after the close of the show.

Photo 22-02-2016, 10 24 16 pm

Photo 22-02-2016, 10 47 45 pm


Having people approach me asking about the work was a great feeling, I’d already knocked back 3 beers so I was happy to talk for England, having to force myself to stop and ask them a question back to engage in actual conversation rather than me talking their ears off. I seemed to get a lot of interst as a result of the location, my image seemed to be the first people were engaging with as a result of the cleverly placed food table being right next to it. And the work seemed to be received very well, I did get one of two people asking for an explanation of the body of work, but on the whole I think it was delivered very well. Great turn out also, was good to see some of the lower years and different courses taking in interest in our exhibition.


Photo 17-02-2016, 8 10 53 pm


The exhibition as a whole was fantastic, I enjoyed seeing everyone’s enthusiastic chatting and smiles of their own work walking around and engaging with members of the public on the opening night. Doing more exhibitions like this is certainly something which I would like to keep up after university. Nothing beats seeing your image in print on a white wall, especially not on a pixelated screen. Even setting up the event was an enjoyable experience, feeling like we were doing something meaningful rather than just blogging about our work felt great. Made it much more rewarding when seeing it finalised on the wall. Next up, Degree Show – if I graduate, fingers crossed!!!


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