Construction, there’s always construction

I want to show you the thought that went into constructing the selected print to be chosen as my exhibition print. I obviously set out with the intention to photograph for print which I felt heavily influenced how I photographed this shot. Here’s a quick photoshop scribble of what I was going for.

RED = Eye catching leading lines

BLUE = Important things I want you to see



I decided to use the telephone wires as leading lines to draw the viewers eye into the house in the foreground, which then send the eye over the background hillside cluttered with houses and onto the camper van, which then sends the eye back to the house. It creates a kind of circle for your eye. This is certainly not the only way for the image to be read, I understand that some may not read the image from left to right and may read it more conventionally from right to left. In which case, the sloping house roof top works in the same respect as the phone wires. Drawing the eye toward the hillside first and only the big white blob white is the camper van. In this instance, the wires act as a barrier to straying eyes, keeping the viewer away from the ugly chimney perturbing from the vans roof. My mistake, could be photoshopped out, but I dont want to manipulate the image in any way.


I feel that anaylseing your own images like this help give an understanding of what the viewer may originally see, and first impressions count for alot. So in that regards, with how the image is layed out in the frame I think it works well and puts across all the meanings and agendas that I originally planned.


I’ve chosen to print the image at 1000x667mm on printspaces C-type Matte finish paper. I feel the colours will stand out nicely on this paper and dont need the aid of textured/high contrast paper which I know a few classmates have gone for. Now I have to correctly sharpen it and upscale it slowly to get the highest quality image possible.

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