Now i’ve had the chance to look at what i’ve got and look at how little I actually shot, it’s clear that I should have shot way much more. At the time I felt that I covered the town pretty good, but looking back on the contact sheets now, it would be nice to have more options available for the 8, 10×8 supporting images. I’m still fairly confident that what I want to say is still visible and easily recognisable in the images i’ve photographed, but I would have like to gone back to shoot more and get more variety. So why didn’t I?


In a word – dissertation. I know its a poor excuse, but the overwhelming workload of doing a dissertation, landscape module, two part time jobs and finding time to relax and sleep is extremely difficult. It’s like a big circle of neglection. When working on dissertation I feel bad for not doing landscape and when doing landscape I feel that I should be doing dissertation. I’m left feeling very de satisfied if i’m brutally honest. I’ve never been good at time management, especially under stress and this year has been full of stress as a result of the colliding modules and the upcoming exhibition hovering nearby.

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