Images I want to talk about a little bit

I’ve already talked about why I’ve decided to choose the big exhibition image, but I feel there are other prints which I am going to print 10×8 which support the body of work that may need a bit of explaining also.

I feel that the images I’ve chosen are very easy to understand, that done necessarily need explaining, but these are slightly different and may need explaining to those who dont fully understand what i’m trying to say with this work. The rest I feel need no explanation.



First up, the cows grazing in the field. With this shot I was trying to comment on the notion and idea of towns/villages pushing away natures boundaries due to their expansion and growth over the years. I stumbled upon this scene after walking toward the town towards the local pharmacy, which appealed to me because of the solar powered panels they had on the roof, I glance to my left to see the separation in the trees and flock of cows with the power lines behind them. In my mind it summed up exactly what I was trying to say, our civilisation is slowly engulfing and surrounding nature, outing them from their environments, it was pure luck that the cows happened to be there at that point. The shot could be better had the bushes in the foreground where not there, but I feel the houses visible and power masts symbolise the towns expansion and the hillside/cows obviously symbolise nature, slowly being moved away from their own lad by us, greedy humans.



This is the same scene but a wider angle, I liked this as to me it symbolises not just what was mentioned above, but also comments on the greenbelt, privacy and the towns location much more. How you might ask? Simply because of the fenced wall, to me the fence represents many things, all of which negative. Firstly, to me it represents the green belt, designed to show a distinct difference to what is country side land and what is village land. Typically in Britain the green belt acts as a wall, with sudden changes from civilisation to emptiness. To me, this fence is that symbolic wall. I also see the fence as a wall of privacy and especapeism. Us British tend to be very protective of our possessions and our houses, its just part of our culture. The village is also surrounded by bushy, tall trees, there to act as a separation between the free country land and the housing in the village. A wall of trees as it were, the trees and wall act as a privacy feature for us to live in.


This shot has been leveled in post processing, but this is the raw image shown, hence the dodgey horizon. When talking to the angy shop owner that I mentioned a few posts ago who thought I was photographing for the local press, she started to explain some things in the village which makes it unique and interesting, such as the stream of water that flows underneath her shop and the history within the town. This house in particular, she explained was an old mill. She was quick to point out the wheel on the right hand side of the building used to transport goods from level to level. I found this really interesting that although the building has been made to look like a typical, fairly modern house that the wheel has been kept, almost clinging on to its past. It makes me think and try to visualise the village back to times of horse and cart and how the times have changed. Its crazy how a simple wheel can make you think, isn’t it.


This last shot I also stumbled across whilst walking back to the car. For me this summed up the whole situation of living in the hilltops perfectly with the cute bird houses acting as the perfect metaphor for what I was trying to say. Living in higher ground in safety within the trees, In many cases we’re not far off from being like animals, maybe it’s our survivalist instincts telling us to live above ground.

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