Actual Idea

So I’ve been swapping and changing ideas over time and haven’t really found anything I’ve really been interested in enough to go out and photograph. We’ve just had our talking presentations today and my topic was Modern Housing. I’ve really enjoyed learning about how modern houses are made and what they are made from. My sisters bought a brand new built house 2 years ago, so its very revealing to finally understand what went into building that house. Which got me thinking. I want to do something around the UK’s obsession with housing and ‘the housing ladder’. It seems that, the ideological goals in life to have are do well in school, go to university, travel the world, settle down, get married and own your own home. We British are obsessed with housing, from buying, restoring and modifying our homes to drastic levels. Places like B&Q will never go out of buisness…


New build housing are appealing to me to photograph, but with so many advancements and the sheer quantity and rate they’re built at, im sure everyone knows the impact of modern new build houses are. So I want to look at prime real estate, something which is now worth a hell of alot more than what was orginally intended. For this i’m going to have to travel into the countryside a bit more as the countryside is home to some of the most desirable homes in the country, specifically the Cotswolds due to its location and surrounding areas. I want to photograph places where those fortunate enough to, settle down in the quiet, picturesque countryside.


For this I have chosen to photograph the town of Berkeley, Gloucestershire, because of it’s hillside location, high house prices and accessability by road, all selling points which im sure the estate agents love to plug. For the most part, Berkeley is situated in rolling hills, with many houses occupying the hillside overlooking the village, this is it’s main protection from flooding. Berkeley is relatively clear from flooding as a result of it’s location near the River Severn, aided by nearby flood defences on the Severn Way. (shown in the Environment agency’s map) House prices in the area range from £430,000 – £200,000 for a 3 bed house, obviously this number fluctuates year after year and there are many different aspects which go into determining house prices, but it is still fairly high. Here’s two examples from online ads (below)




What am I going to be looking at in Berkeley? After our presentations I am interested in how the expansion of villages and towns are forcing nature and wildlife further afeild and the environmental impact of such things. I also like the fact that most of the homes are situated in the rolling hills, almost reminds me of medevil times where humans would migrate to the safest place least vulnerable from attack. In short I want to look at our housing, our location, our physical impact and natures relationship with regards to its green belt surrounding villages like these.

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