I decided to put my illustration skills from last year to use and make myself a little test book. I wanted to see how the book flows, as its really hard to judge when you’re flicking through on issuu. Andy and Anthony have always recommended to print the book out in paper before sending it off for final printing, im so glad I did, I immediately noticed images that dont quiet work together and got a feeling for the flow of the book. I kinda like it, its good to see some actual progress and feel a physical thing rather than just pixels on a screen.

Photo 14-12-2015, 3 32 26 p.m. Photo 14-12-2015, 3 32 48 p.m. Photo 14-12-2015, 3 33 14 p.m. Photo 14-12-2015, 3 33 19 p.m. Photo 14-12-2015, 3 33 36 p.m.


So what did I leart from doing this? I saw that the flow needs tweaking, the images that dont work together and the blank spaces that need to be filled. Although the biggest thing for me was seeing that the size of the book itself was probably too small. Orginally I wanted an A5 sized book, although after printing, I swiftly realised that the images are hard to see at such a size, they need to be increased. So I edited the book and make it 10×8 landscape. Definetly a better choice. Going to print off another and see how the text looks compared to the images.


Printing it off was definitely beneficial, should have done it sooner!

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