Let me justify myself

In this post I want to talk about a few pages in my current book edit (draft 6) that I feel need explaining as people have been asking questions about them.



First of all the cover. I dont want a cover, I like the obscurity of not having one. I want the viewer to not know what the book is about, other than the title. I then want them to open the book up and read the text about section 59 of the road traffic act. This will give them a glimpse of what the book is about, dangerous driving and re-enforces to the viewer that what they are about to see is illegal. I dont want to hold the viewers hand, I want there to be shocking points, such as the front cover and opening pages.



Farm yard shot – I feel like I need this shot, much like a novel, the characters need to be introduced properly. The whole book is about these teenagers in their cars street drifting as a crew. It would be silly if I didn’t include a picture of the cars together in my opinion. This is also the first time the viewer is seeing all of  the cars properly, as before there is only close up detail shots from the interior and exterior of a singular car. It doesn’t introduce them as a group, which is it. So thats why i need this shot.



Parts in the boot – I’ve been asked by a few people why this image is in the sequence. It is there to serve a purpose, if you read the text before hand, I am talking about how its the drivers goal to make their car look and perform better. This is a representation of him doing that, photographing the accumulation of parts building up in his boot. Showing that the care and thought of the car is being attended to, but the time to do the work isn’t really there due to other responsibilities. It flows with the story much better too as it would jump from drifting cars to fenders being cut up straight away, thats not what I want.



End page – An impactful image of the car zooming away, menacing the streets. It also represents that the journey of building/drifting the car has only just begun.

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