I’ve just realised that i’ve not been giving links to the draft issuu books that i’ve been talking about, instead of going back and placing them in the relevant posts. i’ll just link them all here in order.

Here’s a screenshot of the upload dates so you know i’m not trying to lie about when they were uploaded.

no cheating here

First Draft: http://issuu.com/mattcrosspjd/docs/ror_book1.2

Draft 1: http://issuu.com/mattcrosspjd/docs/ror_book1.666

Draft 2: http://issuu.com/mattcrosspjd/docs/ror_book1.6667

Draft 3: http://issuu.com/mattcrosspjd/docs/ror_book1.6669

Draft 4: http://issuu.com/mattcrosspjd/docs/ror_book1.7

Draft 5: http://issuu.com/mattcrosspjd/docs/wed_night_2.0

Draft 6: http://issuu.com/mattcrosspjd/docs/print.2


The progress on the different books should be very easily distinguishable. For example, the flow, size of the document and images added/removed. I feel as if the latest book is the modt strongest, but still needs a it of improvement.


Not far away from being finished, thankfully!

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