Matthew Connors

Anthony suggested I check out Matthew Connors work to help make me understand how to tell a story in a now so obvious way, as i have been stuck in a rut of showing the story exactly how I remember it, in a timeline order. For this book I need to get away from that and make the reader make up their own minds about what the work is about and how they perceive it. Obviously I dont want them to wander off too far, but I dont want to hold their hand through the layout of the book which I think is what Anthony was trying to make me realise.

Conners work really does speak to me in such a beautiful way. The mixture of portraits of middle eastern men/woman coupled with the images of violence, war, graffiti and destruction really helps build a narrative in a way that I enjoy. It makes my mind work, makes me try to figure out what went on and emphasis with the subjects emotions. I particularly like this series of images together, showing hardship, pain and destruction all at the same time.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 17.23.59


I really want to try to replicate this open style of interpretation that comes from Connors work, the way the information is not drip fed for you, its all in your face for your mind to comprehend and make sense of. This is what I want my book to be like. I wanted to try something simular, which is why I went on to take detail shots of the cars scratches and damages. The scratches and paint work damages could say many things, it could say the driver is bad, often making mistakes or it could say the driver doesn’t care, thrashes on the car and uses it for its purpose – to drift. It’s up for interpretation of what you decide.





Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 14.33.59


More changes coming soon!

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