Thinking more about the book

After showing the class my book infront of everyone, I got some very useful feedback and criticism from the class. Mainly how to strengthen the book edit and how to create the narrative even more. The main concerns with my book was the flow and personal touches. They did like the way I masked the drivers identities with the bluring of the cars number plates and faces. I feel that the sense of doing something illegal did come across, but not as much as it could have.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 14.33.20

I showed the class second edit of the book, where I added close up detail shots of the significant features of the car such as the engine, rust, scratches and drift damaged parts of the car. I did this to get a better sense of the car, how damaged and abused it is. Seemingly gleaming from a distance, but damaged and torn on closer inspecton, I wanted to show the signs of abuse to say that although  there is love the car and passion for it, there is have a goal in mind to make it significantly nicer looking. Which is going to be explained through pictures. I included a picture of the white, unpainted body panels in the boot of the car to show that thought is going into making it look better and progress is going to be made eventually.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 14.33.59

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 14.35.26

The next plan of action is to photograph the work going into the cars, such as grinding up the fenders to get the white overfenders on the car, seeing if the new front bumper will fit and the end result. Then he said after these modifictions, it will be okay to put the brand new wheels on.


Things are kind of on a hold for a week or two, as one of the guys is getting another drift car project shell, which he is going to use as a base to build up from, from scratch. So he doesn’t want to drive that much untill he has put some time into getting the new project in the farm safely.


What do I think about the book? I think it’s alright, but my aim of the book in the first place was to communicate the personality of the drivers, of the cars and them together. In my opinion it only touches slightly on these points. The personality can be shown through the cars, the different ways they style them and the ways they drive. But I want more than that, I might actually construct some photographs. Drifting has a tendancy to follow Japans modes of working and has a badboy persona attached to it. I was thinking about getting a photograph from the passenger seat of the driver wearing a bandana looking like a badass driving along with blur in the windows from movement. I think I will do this as I need more of a human touch I think. For me, it feels like something is missing. But I cant put my finger on what it is.


Where do I want the book to go? As mentioned above briefly, I want to delve into the way that the culture has been passed across from the Japanese youth and rebellious culture and onto their lives. People involved with drifting pretty much use the term “JDM” religiously. JDM stands for Japanese Domestic Market and basically is just a term that drifters use to categorise different styles of modifications. For example JDM is all about low cars, deep dish wheels, stickers covering the windscreen, drift damage and loud exhausts. Where as USDM (United States Domestic Market) is all about stupidly low, stanced, cambered, pristine paint work with big wheels and a want to make the BEST looking car possible. They’re both very different but both serve as a classification of the types of things you do to your cars. People often say that modifying your car is an expression of freedom, showing your personality through your car. But even in this aspect there as sort of a heirachy, a leadership figure and way of doing things. Which kind of counteracts the freedom of personalizing your car. I want to look into this more and show where the inspiration and drive comes from.

Improvements? Get more personal, show more intimate images, be more creative and just do it. Ive got a tendancy to over think things to much, to put too much context on images. I need to stop that and just do it.

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