When it comes to street drifting, there are no rules pretty much. You go out, skid and try not to get caught. There are precautions you take to ensure that you have the best chance at not getting caught or seriously hurt, but there are no official rules stating what you can and cannot do. I’ve found a really cool Tumblr page which is all about street drifting. The Author posted this duscussion a few weeks ago which I think sums up street drifting perfectly. It talks about the “rules” as it were. Things to keep yourself safe and advises in manors in which you SHOULD opperate. This is only the authors opinion and suggested experience, but I think more people should read this. I’ve seen countless times on Facebook of my freinds having their cars wrecked or taken by police as a result of street drifting. I know what you’re thinking, yes this should only be done on a track. There’s no denying that, the majority of people, myself included do keep it on track whenever possible. Howevwer there are still an abundance of people who take it to the streets. For reasons that I can only speculate on. Maybe they enjoy the rush of doing something illegal, maybe they cant afford a trackday, maybe street drifting is just what they want to do. Who knows? Does it matter? Personally I think it doesn’t matter, as long as you dont become a nuisance to others, be an idiot and put other peoples lives at risk then it’s okay in my eyes. But being an idiot about it and drifting in residential areas, then yeah you should get caught.



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