Changes to the edit

After seeing Anthony last week and getting some one on one feedback about my images and book layout. We discussed alot about ordering and what the current state of the book is like, talking about what is needed and what I am missing. As it is at the moment i’m not too fond of how it looks. It doesn’t appeal to me and I think its rather boring. I dont want it to be like this, I want to show simular sized images but better planned out working with each other, e.g double page spreads with a decent border around both images.

Here’s the sort of changes we talked about


Do I need the petrol station shot?



Find a better image to show the companionship between the drifters and where they work on their cars.



Take one image away, the siluette is alot better in my opinion. I’ve already repeated the blurring across the book with the number plates etc. It looses its impact the more its used. Make the darker portrait bigger too.



The books about street drifting, need more actual street drifting photographs.



Used too many of these images, take most/all of them away.



Get rid.


More updates to come.

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