Making the book.3

So binding the book with stitcing is out. Simple because when printing and laying the images out on InDesign, I didn’t leave any room on the left hand side for the stitiching to go. So i’m going to have to think of other ways to bind it together. Last resort if glue binding, but that is THE LAST RESORT!

I was casually talking to one of the Illustration students, Gabby who i’ve known for a while about my book and how i’m having problems getting it all bound up. When she comes up with the best idea i’ve ever heard. She said “well you’ve got bolts holding the cover together, why dont you put another in the corner and make i pivot?”. What a genius!

I ran straight over to Mark to see if he had a drill and anything resmeling a bolt for me to do this pivot idea as I really liked it. I tried it out on the failed attempts at printing and it was really cool! You can see the whole image with nothing in the way, the page sits happily on the right and it’s something new. I love it. Mark brings over the drill and also a small peice of metal that has no thread but can be done up. Exactly what I needed in the exact right size. So I marked it up and put it in the vice to drill it.

IMG_0012 IMG_0014


The finished product. I love working with the Illustration student as they’re so innovative, original and its also a new environment to work in which I like. It gets boring being in the same place all the time with the same people. It’s nice to get to know new people and work together.




Then all I had to do was cut holes in the mesh and stick it all together, job done.


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