Making the book.2



I’ve wanted to use the metal mesh that I bought in one way or another for my book since buying. Bangers dont traditionally use mesh on their cars, but some of the faster stock car oval racers do for windshields, so I thought I would try to incorporate that into my book somehow as it’s all relevant at the end of the day.

I decided that I am going to use the mesh as a book cover. I was originally going to place it ontop of the metal plate cover, but found that it just ruined the look of the paint job and you couldn’t visibly see the scratches I put effort into making, so I binned that idea. The only problem is that it’s really flexible and very very sharp on the edges. I’m going to have to make it a bit less lethal if I want to use it.

I need to think of a way of protecting the paper too as the mesh will literally just eat the paper apart without anything to protect it. I decided to get a thick piece of card and emboss it by pressing the mesh into the car giving it a really cool texture – just to add interest and protect the paper under it.


I have also decided that the book and paper size will be A5. It needs to fit into the metal cover which isn’t as big as it looks. It’s a tad too small for A4 and is also square. So A5 is a nice in between size.

I want the images to be placed nicely. I know it doesn’t really mix with the rough and battered exterior of my book, but I want the images to be easily read as well as nicely placed on the paper. 99% of the images I took are Vertical Landscape images so I would need to decide which way up the book is going to be. After playing about in InDesign i decided to lay them out like this as it looks the cleanest and is most complimentary for my images. It does however shrink them to a fairly small size. Shame, but I like it.



So far it’s looking like it’s going to be a very long book. I’ve only imported images of Rickie and his cars details and it’s already over 35 pages long.

I want to produce a detailed story of both Rickie and Patch as well as their cars. So the layout goes like this – a portrait of them, a picture of them working, a wide shot of them with their car which will then dive into details of their car which are unique and interesting. I have added in place some images that I thought were relevant to the book in places such as the image of driveshafts on possibly the filthiest floor known to man. It just helps draw in some context of the cars they use, the place the build them in and the parts needed. In my mind it’s all relevant as I love cars and understand why the car parts and useful. To someone who’s not in cars, will this come across? I hope so.


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