BJP on Photobooks

Junes edition of The British Journal of Photography is dedicated to the celebration of photobooks. They describe photobooks as “the primary art form for contemporary photographers… We believe book-making, and the conceptualisation of books, has become the medium on which artists are now judged. There’s been an explosion of small publishers, and book-making rather than the simple creation of photography prints is now the dynamic area of modern photography.”

I have ordered this magazine online, to see their thoughts on the importance of photobooks as well as to hopefully get some inspiration from the content. I never really read the BJP magazine as I find it a bit too expensive, I sometimes do in the past when going on train journeys etc but I haven’t bought one in a good year. I also bought March’s edition as it is dedicated to up and coming documentary photographers.

Hopefully this edition of BJP will go into the importance and role of a photobook for a platform of sharing work to a widespread audience in a very proffesional and personal level. To me photobooks are just that, they are as close as we can get to actually owning the photographers negative or raw files. They’re very personal and exclusive in my opinion, which is what makes them great. I would much rather buy and read a photobook than visit an exhibition. Granted they are both different mediums, but as owning the book makes you respect the work and lets you revisit it whenever you want.

Photobooks aren’t all the same either, hopefully this edition will dive into the most creative and original photobooks out there, as that is a very big part of making a photobook too – being original and standing out from the crowd.

I just think it’s really cool that a publication like BJP is appreciating and dedicating a months issue to the medium of photobooks. It shows the power and influence they can have. I’m looking forward to reading it (when it comes).

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