Making the book

Following on from the last post, it’s going to be too difficult to bind metal to paper like an ordinary left to right reading book. So i’m having to change up the idea slightly.


Instead i’m going to use the metal sheets and a sort of sleve to house my book. Same painted way. I’m going to use 4 bolts and nuts at the edge of each corner to hold my book in place. The idea I want to use is to make the viewer phyically take of the top cover to reveal the book inside. Lets get started.


First of all I bought my large metal sheet from B&Q. Stainless steel and very sharp edges. I marked out what dimensions I wanted and headed down to Fine Art studios to see Ashley the technician to help me cut it, on this old rusty press.


Once cut I had to sand down the edges so I dont cut my self all over.





I then used a wirebrush to get all the crap off the plate and also rough up the surface as I want it to look really messed up.




Wirebrush wasn’t causing thick enough scratches, so I got a chistle and started making gashes in the plates over and over.

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

After that I marked up where te bolts would be and took it to Ash to get them drilled. He would do this by the next morning which gave me ideas of the image I want on the cover.

Here it is with the bolts in place, with the page I wanted scaled to size to see what it would look like.


You can see the image that I want to use as the cover, it is one of the photographs I took of the side of Patch’s car. I like it especially because of the vibrant red, the white outline and the roughness of the panel combined with the massive bolt in the middle of the page. I want the cover to entice the viewer but also make it fairly easy to recognize. I also wanted to try to copy the image as best as I could. Hence the reason for attacking my metal plates with a chistle.



I then asked for the help of the amazingly kind illustration student Naomi to help me with the painting job. I asked her if it was okay for her to help me make a stencil. I then went for a tea break for 20 minutes. When I come back she said it was all done. Amazing! Love working with the Illustration students, they’re so talented.


I then took it home, made a makeshift spray booth in my shed and got painting.



I decided to try the primer on the backsides of the plates to see the difference. People told me the paint wont stick to the metal, so I wanted to see if primer would help that.

IMG_9970 IMG_9972


I decided to paint the red ‘E’ by hand with a paint brush as I wanted it to be very rough and streaky. Unlike what spray paint would do.

IMG_9975 IMG_9977 IMG_9979

Overlaying the black stencil and painting.



Black and red all done.



Finished product. Happy with it so far!


It is a bit rough and scruffy, but that is what im going for. I want it to be rustic, banger-esk.


Keep in mind this is only my cover for the book. I still need to actually think of an idea for the book. – in the pipeline.

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