Hoxton Mini Press

I’ve lived in East London for 86 1/2 years

I picked this book up after Kim had shown us all examples of books in class. I was extremely attracted to the use of binding, the thickness and matte-ness of the paper. I think the paper is really awesome and feels good when you turn the page. I like the way it also gives the images a slightly off black feel in the contrast, makes it feel very film-esk which is really in the loop right now with photographers. The photography in side is also amazing! The portraits are so strong and the story of this man Joseph’s life living in East London for 86 1/2 years. He talks about his life, religion, others, love, art, health and fun. His views on life are very inspiring and makes the viewer question if they have the same beliefs. For example, he talks about how he goes to the Jewish church because he likes the sandwiches. An outstanding insight to his life and how he views life.

I really love the way this book was delivered to me, it came in a cool personalized wrapped up sheet of thin tracing paper with a small Hoxton Mini Press sticker holding it all together.
Photo 06-03-2015 5 13 59 pm


I also love the way there is a personalised thankyou cost card from Ann. It’s a lovely little personalised touch that really makes you glad to have bought the book.

Photo 06-03-2015 5 52 22 pm

The book

I absolutely love this book, and the way it’s layed out. I love the images and framing. I also love the pages every so often with text on a particular topic. They’re really personal to Josephs life and all tell us more about him and his views.

Photo 06-05-2015 11 42 32 am

Photo 06-05-2015 11 43 12 am

Photo 06-05-2015 11 43 28 am


Another thing I really like in this book is also the Font used for the ‘Introduction’ title page.

Photo 06-05-2015 11 43 40 am

Photo 06-05-2015 11 43 57 am

Photo 06-05-2015 11 44 46 am


Its bound in this way, I dont know what way, but I like it.

Photo 06-05-2015 11 45 16 am


Im a fan of the cloth going around a portion of the cover on the front and back.

Photo 06-05-2015 11 45 25 am


I think im going to try to replicate this books style for my own book. I want thick, matte paper and roughly the same size. I’m using this book as my main inspiration for my own book.

(talk about how you want your book to look like this)

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