Book idea

I want to make something cool, original and slightly wacky. I am photographing banger racing and garages all on the topic of banger racing. I want to make something industrial rather than an ordinary glue bound book using the chinese machine. Personal touches like the Hoxton book is also what i’m aiming for.


The idea:


I want to make a metal covered book.

Why? I want the cover to replicate and banger car’s boor. Beaten up and scratched just as the real one would. That you also have to unscrew a large bolt to get the book open – replicating the massive bolts on the actual car doors.

How? I’m fairly confident that i’ll be able to put whats in my head onto paper (or metal). The only thing I am going to struggle with is going to be how to bind the book. I have no idea about binding and I dont even know how many pages my book is going to be yet. We’ll get to this hurdle when it comes.

Speaking to Mark and Andrew, they both like the idea of a book that is made of metal that you have to physically unscrew and open in order to see the images inside. I want it to be a challenge, not just an ordinary book. Mark then drew this up to try to get an idea of what I was going for. It gives me more of an idea oh how to bind the book and use it like an actual book.

Photo 08-05-2015 11 32 51 am


On the cover I either want it to replicate the door of the car with some text or sponsors, or for it to replicate the number which is on top of every car. Either way I want it to look like a piece of a car.

I’m going to go to B&Q and see if they have the materials needed to create this. I need Bolts, nuts, metal plates, mesh, primer, spray paint and masking tape.

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