Books …. books … books

I like the idea of making a book as much as I like the idea of being in the darkroom making images appear before my own eyes. When introduced to this module I didn’t really know what I wanted to do or what my “book” is going to be like. I had to think of an idea and pursuit it.

When I think of photobooks, I think of the generic boring old right image only style book which is now seen to be the norm in the twenty first century. Other than swanky layouts and collage pages, I haven’t really seen any other books that break the mold. Maybe I haven’t been looking hard enough…

This mentality is very bad when it comes to wanted to achieve high marks in this module. As it restricts you to what you think a book ‘should look like’. It automatically refers book to left to right reading, page flicking piece of photographic paper with perfectly neat borders, stunning imagery and a high price tag. In some cases this is true, but for this module I didn’t want to fit the trend. I knew from a very early stage that I didn’t want to half-ass this module and do a cheap crappy glue bound book on the Chinese hot glue machine. I don’t think that’s creative at all. Yes it does compliment your imagery as there are less distractions against your images. But making a book in a machine that you only press the ‘Go’ button on just doesn’t seem right to me.

Now to think of a suitable idea…

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