Supporting Statement

My book is titled Indecent. It is a photobook about what I’m not allowed to show whilst working as a nightclub photographer. Things that the club do not want on their Facebook page. Things like nudity, excessively drunk people, swearing, vomit or anything that doesn’t promote their club in the best way possible. That doesn’t mean that those things don’t happen, of course they do. You just have to make the moral decision not to upload said photos as it will make the club look bad, as well as yourself as a photographer. This book disregards that, this book goes into all the profanity that happens on a casual Saturday night out in Cheltenham. I want the book to be very brutal and in your face. I want to draw emotion out of the viewer, whether it be laughter or squirming, I want the reader to have some sort of emotion that makes them remember the book. I’ve compiled the absolute worst (worst meaning most horrific) photos I’ve taken over the past year whilst working and put them in a book. On a whole my book is a comment about the current youth in out British society. It demonstrates how our generation spends a ton of money on fancy frocks, alcohol and taxi’s home. It also comments and demonstrates the abusive effects of alcohol, as 99% of the people showcased in this book are heavily under the influence. On the other hand it shows how the nightlife industry is booming in the UK.

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