Final Book layout

So i’ve made a few small yet impactful changes to my book over the course of the last week. First of all the name has changed from Classified to Indecent as I feel that Indecent is a better description of what the book is about and Classified felt a bit too … corporate? I dont know it just didn’t work. I’ve also updated the books description as well as add my name to the front of the book – taking ownership of my work.

I’ve decided to go with Full Bleeds for most of the images as people liked the idea of zooming tighter into the subject, but it looked odd when I did it with white borders around the frame. So I made a few of the pictures full bleed for added impact. Although I do like the contrast between those that are in full bleed next to those that are bordered off.

I’ve been asking everyone to review my book versions and so far this is the only one noone had a complaint about, the feedback I was getting from the class was very helpful and I feel that without it the book would be nowhere near enough as strong as it is at the momment. Personally this is the version I am happy with. I still dont know if I prefer the zoomed in nature of the book, but for the assignment i’m going to keep it zoomed it as it’s what the majority of people have liked.

Enough talking, here’s the link to the final book edit. Enjoy!

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