Cardiff after dark



There’s not many photostories about Nightclub photography, if any really. It’s a really discreet and taboo subject that people often shy away from. The most popular of which being ‘Cardiff After Dark’ by Maciej Dakowicz. He photographed the bustling night life of Cardiff’s thriving city. Dakowicz description of his body of work is very comprehensive “Everything takes place in public – from drinking, fighting, kissing to crying and sleeping. Supermen chat up Playboy Bunnies, somebody lies on the pavement taking a nap, the hungry ones finish their portions of chips and the policemen stop another argument or fight. Nobody seems to worry about tomorrow, what matters is here and now.”

I dont want to compare myself to Dakowicz, but his photographs are very reminiscent of mine in the fact that it’s very in your face, crude and elaborate. The lighting is very poor in some cases, but Dakowicz exposes the images correctly by adjusting his shutter speed accordingly, you can often see this by the movement in the hands, head and body which is very typical of shutter blur. Most of Dakowicz’s work is shot outside int he street after the part-goers have partied out.

My work can be compared to Dakowicz’s because of the subject, the photos are both very in your face and deliberate of their meaning. There’s no hidden meaning behind the images and they’re all very crude. Some of them aren’t, but most of the ones in the club are very sexualised and borderline explicit. I think some of my photographs share some of these traits and are quiet simular in the way they express their meaning.

What have I taken from his work? I’ve known of his body of work for a while now, since college but never really looked into his work in depth like I have recently. His images have taught me not to look too deep into the meanings of photograph and that its okay to photograph the things that you see, just ‘snapshotting’. He also opened my eyes to the fact that you can just photograph what you see aswell such as the vimoting, kissing and flashing that happens when you’re at a club.

His work has been very popular within the mainstream papers within the UK and was published in the Guardian advertising his work in a book format.







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