Adding more context to my book edit

So far when making my book, I realized that my book is really rather plain and repetative so far. I’ve tried to think of other ways to get around this dilemma by playing around with the page layout and experimenting with full bleed images mixed with other cropped images. This has helped a little bit, but it does throw off the flow of the book and makes it quite different to the other style of photobooks out there.

I therefore began to experiment with the use of text. I was against it at first, as Stuart Wilding said “Text anchors meaning” which means that as soon as the use of text is involved within photography, the meaning of the photograph is presetermind as a result of the text used. I was hasitant to do this for that reason. So I began to think of ways to make the captions more entertaining and not just repeating to the viewer what is already in the image. So I googled some statistics about nighclubs as I thought it would be cool if there were random facts about nightclubs dotted around the book.

“55% of women expect men to be confident enough to approach them, but the other 45% say they have no problem approaching a man if they are interested in him.”

“70% of women have intentionally given out the wrong telephone number.”

“More married and divorced women go to clubs than married and divorced men.”

I really like the way the quotes add extra context to the images. I wanted to pick very random, yet relevant quoetes into the book as I thought it would be funny and more thought provoking. They’re also statistics, which speaks truth. I got them from this website:

I also wanted to change the name of the book to something alot nicer sounding. Classified in my opinion was way too broad and didn’t really convey what the book is about. I feel that Indecent is alot better to convey what the book is about and is all together just a nicer sounding word than classified. I want the book to be appealing, yet mysterious, I want it to grab your attention pretty much the same objective as the whole book. I had a little bit of trouble finding something that worked, as I dont have a very good range of vocabulary in my noggin, so I had to use the internet. I used thesaurus the search for Unseen as thats the vague word for what I wanted to say. That is how I came up with the name of my book. The internet.


Now to edit the book layout and images further.

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