Elaborating on the feedback from last week

So people said they wanted the book to be more “artsy” and make them question whats going on more. They suggested to do this by zooming in a crazy amount on something intresting within the image to confuse the reader of the location/meaning of the image. I thought I may as well give it a go, to see how it looks.

I’ve been making my books in Lightroom 5. It’s the simplest way i’ve found of doing it and I really dont get on with inDesign at all. It just confuses me. Plus i dont own inDesign, whereas I do own Lightoom. So it’s only logitcal to use what I know rather than using something alien to me. Plus its really easy to use.

You just click the Book tab on the top bar, select all the images you want to use and drag and drop them into place. From there you can zoom, adjust the page layout, add text or whatever you want to do. It’s so easy.















I dont know if I like this or not. I dont really, as I prefer the previous, more transparent version. By transparent i mean there’s nothing to hide, it’s all out in the open for the reader to see (much like some of the people photographed…) whereas in this newer version i’m not too fond of it for that fact. I dont necessarily mind if people know the photos are taken in a club or not. It’s a documentary photobook showing the unseen, yet popular and illusive aspects of a Saturday night out as well as commenting on the devastating effects of alcohol. I could possibly change the story to be something around alcohol. As all of these people photographed are under the influence and it does have drastic effects on their behavior.

I’ll have another look through the images I have to see if I can direct it around alcohol. But I am pretty certain that Im going to be going back to the other style of book layout that I used previously as it’s more in your face an vulgar, which I like.

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