First book feedback

We had to show our first 6 pages in class for some feedback. Here are the 6 pages I showed of my first edit.








Overall they all liked the book, there was a good show of emotion laughter and even the occasional “eww” which is good and what I intended in the first place. I feel that I’ve got the emotion side of the photographs into the book, but need to work on the flow of the book overall. They did however question the context and objective of the book initially. But once I told them what I was aiming to do, they finally understood what the aim of the whole book was about.

The whole 4 people who turned up were very helpful in giving feedback, I wish there was more people around to help me on the book edit. The feedback was quiet good however, though I did not always agree with what they were saying most of the time. People suggested to zoom in more to the facial features and nipples in a cause to confuse the viewer and make them question what these wacky photos are from and what sort of meaning they had. I dont know if this will work. I will try it out and see how it works first of all, but I dont think I will actually do it however. Becky told me that it doesn’t feel like an “art” book, she commented that it felt more like a jokey book similar to my ‘shit London’ books, that I love. I dont necessarily agree with Beckys opinion as I’m not trying to create an Art book. I’m making a documentary book that comments and speculates more on British society.

As I said in class, and in the previous blog post, I want the book to be vulgar and in your face because that is what the whole book is about. The photographs are in your face and rude, just as what i want the book to be like. I opened up the book with a very in your face quote like “This book contains all of the above, if you are easily offended then please put the book down and leave.”

I’m going to re edit my book tomorrow/tonight and see how it looks to see if I like it. We will see.


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