Documentary Perspectives change

So, i’ve diteched the idea of doing portraits of the crew members as it’s kinda of a dead end project that I cant go back to re shoot if I wanted. I feel like if I wanted to change the style of what I was shooting it would be very difficult to do so as I only have a limited amount of photographs to play with. I do still like the images of the crew membembers, but I think for this module, it doesn’t work well enough especially for the book format.

Therefore I’ve decided to change my idea rather late in the game (I seem to enjoy putting myself in this situation) to something i’ve been dieing to do for a while now. I want to showcase some of the most hilarious photos that i’ve taken whilst working as a nightclub photographer. As I have tons of really funny, explicit and disgusting photographs from the past year. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now mainly because I’m technically not allowed to show these images online to anyone because of their nature. I cant upload them to the clubs facebook as it would look bad not only for them, but also for me. So I’ve just been compiling this set of images over the last 40 odd weeks of working there.

So whats the perspective? Well i’m only allowed to upload a certain ‘type’ of photograph to the clubs facebook. A clean, well exposed image with people having a good time which shows off how good the club is. They’re basically advertising images used to entice people to come to the club and have as much of a good time as the people in the photographs are having. I want to go in the complete opposite to the above, I want to show you the most gruesome, explicit and dirty photos I have. I want the book to be really offensive and in your face! There’s no beating around the bush with this book as it is very crude.

They are all very similar however, all shot in the same way and all in the same sort of setting. So it is very repetitive.

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