002 Video feedback and improvements

I got some very helpful feedback from the class the other day regarding my video for 002, about Mormons. The key things that was pointed out was some of the mistakes in the footage e.g me leaving my tripod in the background in one of the scenes. They also pointed out the clips that looked too simular as well as commented on the staticy of the audio quality.

I address all these things tonight and it does improve the video by a long way!

Here’s what I did as well as my render settings.


To get rid of some of the staticy noises from the audio, I had to play around with some Audio effect filters on Vegas. These worked wonders, but took alot of fiddling to ensure the audio stayed as close and as realistic as possible. Thankfully for me, the track EQ has a preset to reduce the static noises.


Once I made all the appropriate changes, It was time to render the video. I chose to render in the highest quality possible. So I chose MP4 format at a bitrate of 16mbps. Basically, higher the mbps, higher the quality. Downside to this is that higher quality videos take considerably longer to buffer and load than smaller videos. This isn’t much of an issue when uploading to Vimeo, as Vimeo automatically downscales your video to 720p. Unless you have pro.


I am happy with this edit and I think it will be the final version. I am going to email Annie soon for some feedback before Tuesdays hand in.


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