Narrative Landscape edit and formatting.

Medium format is meant to be printed big, therefore I decided to print the Landscape images to A3 size. I feel that it works best on a bigger scale rather than just an A4 or 10×8.

With the help of the class today, I finally have an edit of 4 that I am happy with. Here’s the edits on the A3 formatted page.

I still need to figure out a sequence that flows well, and need to decide which ones are stronger than the others. Also captions. I need to get bloody captions!!!

001 002 003 004

Where does the Narrative of the landscape come in? Well in my mind they’re all ever changing landscapes, the boot sale is going to be closing for good on the 14th December. Once the day has ended, thats it for another week, it’s gone. I guess the whole story is just documenting the boot sale in it’s last dieing weeks. That’s a narrative right? Too late to go back now.

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