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Pit crew shots aren’t as popular as driver portraits in the motorsport scheme of things. There isn’t really much in the way of articles/works dedicated to the pit crew. There are normally just one or two shots of the crew mixed in with the general motorsports action shots. That’s not to say they arn’t good, but I feel there should be more, if not a whole article dedicated to the pit crew every once in a while.

Here’s a few pieces of work I found that I really enjoyed.

First of all Jordan Butters, he has a few shots of the crew and drivers on his portfolio website under the race section. I feel that even though you cant see the whole person in frame, I like the aesthetics of the photograph. Focusing on their feet which makes you think about their feet, as well as maintaining the car in the background.

JordanButters3 JordanButters5 JordanButters1

I also found an article from a recent Rally that Larry Chen shot in Spain. Again the majority of the images from the article are of cars, as you’d expect. But Larry does dive into some mechanic/crew shots down the line. I like the crew shots that Larry has captured, they’re not glamorous and they’re not setup. They’re just doing their job, working hard to get the driver back out on track.


I like the way that he’s used the high pressure air hoses as a leading line in the foreground, it grabs your eyes attention and forces you to look at where the mechanic is. The image is simply just a good documentary image, showing the crew working hard servicing the car. That’s what they’re there for and that’s what they’re best at.


This image is fairly simular to the one above, just a very good shot of the people working their asses of.

LarryChen3 LarryChen4

I then found a really good article, which is quiet different to what I am showing, but also shares the same behind the scenes aspect of what it takes to go motor racing. The story is of a custom helmet maker in New Zealand who customizes helmets for a living. It goes into great detail into what it takes to design, make and produce a helmet. I know it’s not the same subject as what i’m shooting, but I like this piece of work as it dives into the behind the scenes aspect of motor racing that you never normally see, much like the crew members. I like the way it’s shot and I think it’s a very good documentary story piece.

Helmet1 Helmet2 Helmet3

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