Documentary Perspectives – Book Layouts

I’ve been playing around with a few simple, minimalist style book layouts for a couple days now. I’ve decided to focus the book on the pit crew entirely, compared to mixing them with the driver portraits. I feel that the pit crew play such an important part into the inner workings of what goes in to being successful at a premiere race like this. I also feel that they dont get the recognition deserved of them. The hours and job the provide are full of stress and have to accommodate any given problem in an instant. Therefore I have decided to make this book dedicated to the pit crew.

Here’s a my favorite layout to date.


I did this in Lightroom. I like the way the images flow, and i tried to kep the more important image on the right hand page, as that’s where your eye is drawn with you turn the page. I like the use of smaller images incorporated with larger images aswell and I feel it adds to the flow and makes it a bit easier on the eyes.

I decided to keep my images rather large. They’re there to be seen, I dont see the point of having them so small that you’d have to lift the book up closer to your face to be able to see it better. I want the images to stand and jump off the page.

I need to work out a front and back cover, a title and also if i want to add page numbers or not.

So far i’m happy with how the books coming along, i just need some feedback on the layout and flow and if i should add more images.

Here’s the ISSUU link, with working and a much better looking presentation of the pages:

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