003 – Narrative Landscape shoot

So I decided to go to the Cheltenham Racecourse Boot Sale on Sunday to photograph the stall holders/landscape as well as to get an understanding of why the Boot Sale is going to be closing down after years of success.     BootSaleScan 9

I didn’t really know what I wanted to take away from photographing the boot sale. I just wanted to talk to people and take some images of the affair, before it will soon be gone for good. I decided to do this for Narrative Landscape as once the Boot Sale is gone, there will be nothing that remains of it, except memories and photographs, it will turn back to the same old empty space it once was. Every Sunday, the Boot Sale brings that empty space alive with joy and happiness of the friendly and heart warming vendors. I feel it is important to show how the Boot Sale bought in the public to the racecourse and also how it places a dominant foot-mark onto the racecourse’s grounds every Sunday.

I wanted to talk to people selling their goods on their opinion of why it was closing down. Walking around, that’s what everyone was talking about. Conversations of the closure was all around. BootSaleScan

I got talking to this man (unfortunately I didn’t catch his name) who was selling his duck and pheasant meat. He was very upset with the announcement of the closure, as it would affect his business. Selling his goods at the Boot Sale isn’t his only source of profit, but every little helps. I wish I caught his name, as he said something that could be such a good quote. “All good things must come to an end”.

I used the Mamiya 645 to shoot this on, and what a pain in the but. I took my time to check all the settings were correct my focus was spot on and that the horizon would be straight. Most of them were, but the focus, almost all of my images from this day are out of focus and I dont know why. It could be me, it could also be a faulty camera. The lens and aperture were very stiff in movement, but still operated as they should, and looked okay down the viewfinder. So it must have been me, which is highly annoying – annoying in myself.

Here’s the rest of my images, im not overly happy with them, so I’m going to go back Sunday and re shoot. Hopefully it will be a little busier. I am also going to take my small pocket sound recorder and keep it recording as I walk around to help pick out quotes for the images, as well as produce some ambient noise. I feel that would add to the images greatly.

BootSaleScan 13

Bill Kimberley (market manager) giving out flyers notifying everyone about the closure of the boot sale on the 14th December

BootSaleScan 8

Wanted to focus on the kid sitting in the van looking like he’s loosing the will to live. Reminds me of my childhood, when my parents would do boot sales and i’d be dragged along.

BootSaleScan 3

Probably my favorite image of the set.

BootSaleScan 12

Hideously out of focus, why?!

BootSaleScan 11

Boring photo, doesn’t add anything to the set. – get rid.

BootSaleScan 10

Slightly boring? Shows how quiet the boot sale actually was compared to other years,

BootSaleScan 4

Soft focus, actual focus is somewhere on the objects on the floor – annoying

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