AD5801 – Documentary Perspectives

I’ve been stuck for an idea for Documentary Perspectives for a month now. Nothing i’ve thought of in my head seemed worthy or appropriate to work with this module. Therefore progress has been very very slow.

Although I have been productive and have been shooting alot over the past month. I decided to look into what I’ve been shooting (for myself) to see if any of the subjects could be used to accommodate this module. I am really interested in using some of the images I shot from Britcar at Donnington in November. As I feel some are my best work to date, and doesn’t deserve to just be sitting on my hard drive doing nothing. I want people to see them, as I am genuinely proud of them. Anthony and Kim are starting to get a little bit disheartened at the amount of car pictures I take, so I decided to focus most of my time in the Pit/Paddocks. I already knew before photographing that I might be using the images for an assignment in the future, so mentally I told myself to get more human interaction. Whether that be portraits, candid shots or anything… other than racecars wizzing around on track.

After talking to Anthony and the class today, people have said that they would rather see the pit crew and mechanics other than just the drivers. I have plenty of images of the Mechanics, team owner, drivers and pit crew. Some from even a month before the race, from the Neil Garner Motorsport garage with all the parts layed out on the bench. I got some pretty cool detailed shots of the engine components, as well as the bodywork/suspension.

I intend to mix the photographs from the Garage detailed shot with the paddock shots from the race, with an intention to build a narrative of the hard work and importance of teamwork to get the car on track in the first place.

I will talk about how I want my ‘book’ layout in another post with sketches.


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