Previous video experience

I was into video a long time before I got into photography. The reason I asked my dad to buy me a DSLR was because I wanted to make Motocross videos. I was heavily into motocross at the time and would watch hours of videos of YouTube, Vimeo and Mpora all day and night. This was around 2007/8 odd, I was just starting secondary school at the time.

Shortly after, in my mid/early teens I got heavily into video games. So much so that, I bought a capture card and would begin to make my own little videos. Anything from Call of Duty videos/playthroughs to Forza Motorsort montages. At the time I was doing it for fun, and as a hobby. It was alot of fun, but alot of work.

I soon got approached by a YouTube company called Machinima. The biggest on YouTube at the time, specifically Machinima Sports and I would submit Forza Motorsport 3 drifting videos to them. I would also earn money from them! The rules were very clear, no copyrighted music, proof of music approval from the artists must be given in a letter/email which will be attached in the folder that you send the video in to them with. They basically did everything else for you. You could assign your own title and descriptions too. It was really cool to be a part of and I felt like I had acheived something at the time. I loved it. – unfortunatly as it’s been about 4 years, the videos have been removed.

Although I eventually got bored of making gaming videos and got into photography. The last video I made was like last year about a game called Live for Speed. Chris and I occasionally host drifting competitions online that anyone can join. It runs the same format as real life drifting competitions and operates the same. As it was one of the first ones we’d done, I decided to make a video about it, to encourage more people to join. It worked, the next week the online server was full and we stuggled to fit everyone in. It was awesome.

Real life videos? I haven’t done too much real life videos, except a few smaller videos. I decided to video a little bit of drifting at Teeside, as well as a little from JDM Allstars Wembley. The first time I shot real life video was the 2nd day I bought my DSLR, I went to Red Bull X-Fighters at Battersea Power Station and decided to record some footage.

Other than that, I just tend to use my GoPro to record myself at different drift days. Just so I can watch my performance as well as expand my ego a little bit. That doesn’t take much effort though.

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