003 Idea – Cheltenham Racecourse Boot Sale

The Cheltenham racecourse bootsale is to be closing down on the 14th December 2014, due to the traffic caused by Evesham road and Hyde Lane. I read an article in the Gloucester Echo yesterday about the announcement of the closure of the boot sale. I thought it would be beneficial to the photograph the Boot Sale closure and try to talk to some of the stool owners to see their views and opinions on how the closure will effect them and their little businesses.

Here is the Echo article on the closure: http://www.gloucestershireecho.co.uk/Cheltenham-Racecourse-Sunday-car-boot-sale-close/story-24561528-detail/story.html

Recently there has been an article about members of the public voicing their outrage on the closure of the boot sale: http://www.gloucestershireecho.co.uk/Axing-Cheltenham-Racecourse-Car-Boot-Sale-Market/story-24573904-detail/story.html

I intend to photograph one shot of the venue from a high vantage point, to get a general veiw/establishing image, possibly taken from Cleave Hill, which I will use as my first lead shot. Followed by a general image of the stalls and their owners. At the same time keeping the Racecourse as a dominant figure in all the images, so you can tell where the images are taken. As overall, the narrative is about the racecourse closing down the boot sale. I also want to include a portrait of one of the stall owners standing behind their stall selling their goods.

I intend to photograph this all of medium format colour film.

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