002 idea – Mormon lifestyle

I was walking down Montpellier on the way to uni when I was stopped by 3 young men who are talking to people about the Lord, but from a Mormon perspective. They were all really nice and was easy to talk to. All 3 guys were from America, one from Idaho, another from Texas and another from Missisippi I think. They were all really nice guys and payed alot of attention to myself and what I was doing before starting to engage me in persuading me to come to the church where they worship.


I dont know anything about Mormons and would love to find out more about their lifestyle. The aim of the video will be showing their lifestyle and why they chose to be Mormon. I also want to learn more about the Mormon lifestyle and what they do on a weekly basis. Interestingly enough, there seems to be a greater Mormon following in the USA rather than the UK. It would be really cool to follow these guys around for a day or two to get an insight into their lives. They were all more than happy to have me meet up with them and video them. Although they would like me to meet with them twice and come to church with them once. Which I will do, as im genuinely interested in their lives.

I have watched one very good documentary and one very well shot video about Amish people. I intend to shoot my video in the same sort of way as the Amish video shot my Philip Bloom. The 4od Documentary has given me more of an idea of what it’s like in a Mormon way of life.

Meet the Mormons – http://www.channel4.com/programmes/meet-the-mormons/on-demand

An Amish Man – http://philipbloom.net/film/an-amish-man/

I’m going to test out my camera and sound whilst recording video on my DSLR this week hopefully and post it on the blog later. I’ll probably take and hide a small voice recorder as well as the DSLR sound to get higher quality audio.

I intend to call the two guys tomorrow called Elder Ross and Elder Shumway whos number is 07800614544

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