First Shoot – Learn 2 Drift

11th November

I went down to Birmingham Wheels again on Sunday the 11th November for my first shoot with Learn 2 Drift. Thankfully they were teaching at Birmingham wheels again this month, so Andy sent me a facebook message the day before saying they’d be there.

Funny story about that actually, I was tagged in a post from Andy late Saturday night on Facebook. I click on the link to find it’s my uni work blog. He must have googled himself and found the blog address with me talking about how I found the Learn 2 Drift Team/School. Here’s what he tagged me in on Facebook.

Photo 11-11-2014 03 58 28 pm Photo 11-11-2014 03 58 37 pm

Andy also left a very nice comment on that post with the following:


As you can see, I literally got the go ahead at like 2am Saturday night.

I went down on Sunday very early with a coffee in hand eager to photograph Andy and the drift school.

The day started off with an obligatory drivers/safety briefing in the office behind the track, where Andy would talk through the days proceedings as well as the safety briefing.



Then the drivers were taken to the cars and immediately started off the day learning how to do donuts. They started off with the instructors demonstrating what to do with them in the passenger seat. Then they would swap and the students would have a go at doing the basic doughnut.



After they had mastered the doughnut, the students would then be taught the basics of weight transfer by completing a small chicane section which would teach and show them the feeling of drifting the car from one side to the other – this is called a transition. Ofcource the instructors would demonstrate this first with the student in the passenger seat.






Finally the students would be a passnger in 5 high speed passenger laps, where the instructors would take the cars out in pairs and aim to drift in proximity of the car in front. This is called tandem in the drifting world. This is to simulate the type of drifting seen in the British Drift Championships. It would also give the students an insight into what drifting actually is like when paired up with another car. Fast, adrenaline pumping fun.

IMG_9219      IMG_9559 IMG_9621 IMG_9649

I maxed out my 16gb card by the end of the first session, straight after this group finished, another was sent in to the briefing room to get signed up. I only stayed for one session and had to head off. I said goodbye to Andy, and Ian, the professional photographer there who i got talking to who gave me a lot of useful tips. Especially in regards to my nightclub photography. He gave me alot of useful ideas and printers and ways to make money. Awesome bloke to talk to. I’ve actually bought some images off him in the past from Drifting.

Also. here’s the appropriate Risk Assessment which i filled out the day of the event.

Risk Assesment 01

Risk Assesment 02

I know motorsport is dangerous and there are many problems that could arise, but i’ve been around motorsport and have been photographing around tracks since my early teens. So in a sense, i’ve become a custom to it and have always abided by the rules. They’re pretty straight forward, dont get in the way and always keep an eye on whats going on. If you’re moving around the track, do so in a safe maner far enough away from the live circuit that you’re not a walking target. It’s pretty simple. But for sakes of this assignment, here’s a brief Assessment written up using the UOG link.

On another note, I am also fully PLI insured up to £5m . So in the case of me being in an accident whilst photographing, I am fully covered besides kit.

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