Banger Racing at Birmingham Wheels – 26th October

I traveled over to Birmingham to go to photograph some banger/f1 stock car racing on a freezing cold Saturday evening, a few hours before work. I wanted to photograph the banger racing as my previous idea of photographing the Learn 2 Drift team has kind of fell through, with no more chances to photograph them in Birmingham. Therefore I wanted to just turn up to an event and photograph it, to get a taste if what the Birmingham Wheels track was like. Turns out very dark, dingy and run down.


The event was from 5pm-11pm, which meant the night time lighting would have to be on. Which turned out to be awful. Black spots almost everywhere, yellow casts and uneven lighting across the whole track. Which makes i extremely hard to photograph, let alone pan.


I found that the stock car racing was actually alot of fun to watch. Fairly high speed and bumper to bumper action with the occasional love tap. I didn’t expect them to reach such high speed either.


The crowds in the stands were a mix of young kids watching with their family, drivers, working class men and older men who seemed to have grown up watching and driving stock cars over the years. It brings me back to my childhood, as my dad would take me to watch banger racing once a month at Arena Essex. My uncle used to do banger racing also, there’s tons of photos and videos of him racing around at home from when he was around my age back in 1994 or so.




I dont know where this project is going. I’ve lost track of what I want to do. Speaking to Anthony, he suggested to make contact with some of the drivers and photograph them as they setup, prepare to race and packing up. So i’m going to have a look around on some forums and try to find drivers willing to participate.

Here’s a few more pictures of the bangers.







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