Medium Format fun

I’ve used Medium format before at college, but only on the Mamiya 645s in a tattoo studio, which can be seen here: As well as using them in the studio for our Portrait module last year.

We took the Hasselblads out last week down the Honeybourne Line just to familiarise ourselves with the medium formats so we know what we’re doing for out Narrative Landscape assignment in 003. As well as Large Format. I had fun using the Hasselblad and decided to shoot some portraits of Luke, Conor and other passers by on the honeybourne line.

It was fun to be creative again rather than just taking pictures at work every week.

costa050 costa051 costa052 costa053 costa054 hasselblad003 hasselblad004 hasselblad005 hasselblad006

Barbour collective 2014?

I love the depth, contrast, detail and square format of medium format. I love that you have to look down to make your composition. I love everything about using the Hasselblad, especially the way it sets the correct exposure across all shutter speed and aperture combinations. So if you want a higher depth of field, all you’d have to do is turn the dial and you would keep the same exposure, just with a higher depth of field.

Some shots are slightly out of focus which is highly annoying.

Cant wait to keep using it more and more this year. May try the Mamiya 7 and 645 soon.

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