How did I find Learn 2 Drift?

I’ve known of Andy Arnott, the owner of the ever growing Learn 2 Drift business since I started photographing drifting in the early days in the British Drift Championships and Practice Days. I’ve seen and photographed him drive along side his team which used to be known as Slide School Drift Academy – which later was renamed to Learn 2 Drift (L2D) throughout 2012/2013/2014.


The first time I ever saw Andy drive was at Awesomefest 2o11, at Mallory Park. Awesomefest is hard to describe, but the name pretty much states it all. A 3 days event packed of drifting, BMX, live music, motocross, night time drifting and a ton of modified cars. There had never been an event to such a large scale before. Awesomefest was bonkers, I only went for the Saturday with my dad, but it was unreal. The day was mixed between a general track/drift day with high speed passenger runs in the full completion spec cars used in the BDC. The Vibe alongside the Motocross track going, BMX’ers in the air and live DJ sets throughout the day was outstanding. Unfortunately Awesomefest was a one off occurrence as they never got permission to re do the event the following year. Sadly, I dont think an event that big will ever hit the UK again. This was also the first time I saw Andy drive, in the same S14 shell he’s driving today.




I then decided to add Andy on Facebook, as much of the drifting community begins with the simple notion of a friend request. Its rare to find a drifter with no one drift related on their Facebook, it’s our way of socializing. Then BDC took place at Norfolk Arena in June 2012, where Andy and his L2D team would compete. This would be the second time I would see/photograph Andy drifting. Here is an image from that event of Andy along with his driver Jamie Kenyon.


British Drift Championship 2012 - Round 2 Norfolk Arena


The team/cars have gone through many extravagant vynl jobs over the years.

The next time I would see Andy/Jamie would be at BDC Round 1 at Lydden Hill in April 2014. With yet another eye catching paint job.

8658554713_b635e65a27_o 8658585867_95cd32c487_o 8659905390_147079666d_o

That was the last time I photographed Andy/L2D. Although I do still have him on Facebook and we have chatted a few times.


Recently my very good friend Callum Craddy has become an instructor at the L2D team, teaching the pupils the basics of how to drift. I’ve known Callum  for years and is the main reason i’m able to get access for this project. Callum has also recently started to compete in the BDC as part of the L2D team. He has a media channel on YouTube to which he uploads all of his GoPro footage of his times with the L2D team. Here are three videos I think are worth a watch.




This is one of Callums more well made video of a drift practice day at Teesside.


I intend to photograph the L2D team on one of their teaching days at Birmingham Wheels Raceway and try to capture the teamwork spirit and banter that goes on during their time. I also want to try to capture and promote the L2D business, as it’s growing rapidly with the help of special Groupon Deals which can be found online with the added popularity and interest of the ever growing sport that is drifting.

One comment

  1. Dude, some awesome words there and good to see we are trying to spread the love of drifting…

    Drop me a line we will get you involved with the media side of L2D…

    Thanks for the kind words



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