Birmingham Wheels Raceway

I’ve known about Birmingham Wheels raceway for a while, it’s a small, rundown oval racetrack just outside of the center of Birmingham. It’s mostly nowdays used for drifting, as well as banger racing, oval racing and lower league mini racing.


There’s a small orginisation called Learn 2 Drift which will teach you how to basically drift a car in a very safe manor under professional supervision. I know both the owner and one of the tutors who work with the Learn 2 Drift team. Owner: Andy Arnott Instructor: Callum Craddy. They travel across the country teaching people how to drift in their fleet of cars. Such as Birmingham Wheels, Santa Pod, Brands Hatch, Skegness, Rockinham Raceway and Teeside Autrodome.


I think I could easily get access to photograph one of their tuition days and photograph the workers, students, pit crew and marshalls.

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