AD5800 – Initial Ideas

AD5800 – On Assignment

Cardiff, Birmingham or Bristol?

I don’t really know much about either city, I’ve been to Birmingham twice once was just to go on a date to Five Guys, and the other was to go to a Motorcycle show when I was 13 at the NEC with my father. I’ve been to visit Jess down in Bristol before which was alot of fun, but I still don’t know a thing about it, other than it’s a hipsters paradise. I blogged about it on my main blog here:

I’ve only been Wales once too, which was with my primary school to go to Trewern. So for some crazy reason, I want to go to Cardiff. Throw myself in at the deep end. It’s the city I know the least about and i’m really intrigued to learn more about it.

All stereotypes are based on truth.

Here’s a few ideas I had dotted down in my notebook.

  • Cardiff Bay
  • Police
  • Pubs
  • Nightlife
  •  Has “The Valleys” MTV show affected the youth in Cardiff/Wales?
  • University
  • History

I’m really keen to elaborate on the Valleys idea, as I come from Essex and have seen first hand the switch and changes going on in the youth of today because of programs such as The Only Way Is Essex. You cant walk down a street in Essex without seeing a quiff or impeccably clean trainers nowadays. Everyone back home wants the “Towie” lifestyle too, posh cars, excellent social life and a hot girlfriend, all because of a little TV show which exploits the stereotypes of people from Essex. Has this change happened in Wales too? The Valleys TV show has been on MTV for a while now, surely there must be a small group of people who think that making a fool of yourself on television and getting drunk is a perfectly good lifestyle.

I then googled what there was to do in Cardiff and dotted down a few of my favorites.

  • Delta Force Paintball – Photograph the staff on a general weekend, along with some action shots.
  • Wales National Ice Rink – Ice Hocket action shots
  • Footbubble – Football played in inflatable suits
  • Cardiff Golf Club – Photograph some of the workers and older players
  • Peirhead Building
  • Jongleurs Comedy Club
  • Chapter Arts Centre
  • Cardiff International White Water Rapids
  • Oakwood Theme Park
  • Community Music Wales
  • RCMA Farmers Market
  • Community Garden
  • Artist’ Studios

The one I am in favor of doing the most is the Cardiff Community Garden. It’s been done before by a photographer Tom Ashmore which made it onto the Guardian in May 2011. Which can be seen here and here

So far the community garden seems to be the one I favor most. I am going to email and Join the Facebook group and hopefully try to make contact and ask to come along for a few days. Unless I can photograph in Five Guys, Birmingham. I love Five Guys.

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